Firstly, we are not a farmer, a restaurant owner or a food supplier, we are simply a small start-up company with a passion for the food that taste the way it should and we are foodies. 

We work with the best local independent restaurants to bring you the highest quality, fresh and seasonal foods, When you can’t get to the restaurant in person, we make it easy to order your mouth watering dishes offered online by your local restaurants. 

Once your food is ordered, you will receive your order all in one delivery, you will always get the fresh and the best quality food plus you will be supporting your local shops and community and saving time and hassle along the way.

Andaman Foods is the Island's first and most convenient online food ordering marketplace. It connects people with the best restaurants around them. 

We believe food is a pleasure and food ordering should be the quick and enjoyable experience. Our Goal is to ensure nobody has a bad meal. Please help us to make this wish come true and share our Islands cuisines with rest of the world.

For any suggestions or enquiries, please email us at [email protected] or call +91 7797741177

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